Kiwi  Wheat Bag Cotton Wheat bag - Lavender

Kiwi Wheat Bag Cotton Wheat bag - Lavender


These beautiful  Kiwi Wheat Bags are Hand Made by Lynda and Judy in Titirangi, New Zealand.

They are 

  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Size: 48 cm x 14 cm
  • To use as a heat pack, warm in the microwave
  • To use as a cold pack place in the freezer to chill
  • Contains Lavender


Naturally relieves and soothes

  • Muscle and joint stiffness 
  • Sports injuries, sprains & strains
  • Tension & Stress
  • Period pain
  • Insect bites, minor burns
  • Toothaches, headaches & migraines
  • Recommendations

    Kiwi Wheat Bags recommends your wheat bags are changed yearly.

    All products come with clear instructions on use and care.

    Depending on demand there may be a 4-5 day wait for new stock.