Millie Moo Candles  Sale Christmas scent

Millie Moo Candles Sale Christmas scent

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These beautiful candles are made of 100% soy. They are hand poured by the wonderful ladies at Millie Moo Candles and come in a 200ml white glass jars. They have an approximate burn time of 20-25 hours. These candles will fill your home with their beautiful scent and are wonderful gifts for all occasions. 

Lids are also available.


  • Care of your candle

    Millie Moo Candles,  use soy wax with cotton wicks, allowing you to burn clean candles without producing any toxins. To get the most out of your candles,  follow these handy tips and tricks.

    Wick Trimming

    Trim the wick before every use including the first use to 6mm. By trimming the wick it will help prevent the flame getting to big, burning to fast and producing black soot on the glass.

    Four hour burning time

    It is recommend to only burn the candle for up to a maximum of four hours at a time. Burning the candle for longer periods will result in buring through it quicker. 

    Most important is the first burn

    It is important the first time you burn the candle, it burns for 4 hours. This will create a pool of wax (memory ring) which will reach all sides of the glass. If the candle is blown out to soon,  you can create a hole that will run right down the middle, limting the time your candle will burn. 

    Placing your candle

    It is recommend candles are placed on heat resistant surfaces such as on a coaster or something similar to protect your furniture Do not place in a drafty area.